Adwords Management

Let us handle your PPC advertising.

Let us do all the campaign set up & manage you PPC account to ensure that you are getting everything you should be from your PPC advertising Even if you have never used PPC before we can help you get started!

Would you like to get the most profit possible from your Google Adwords account?

Would you like to decrease your costs whilst increasing your leads / sales?

Would you like your keyword bids to be reviewed daily by a proven algorithm system that looks at data from 7, 30, 60 and 90 days that will consistently adjust your bids to the optimal level?

Would you like all the above wrapped in a full Google Adwords management service with no tie in contract, starting from as little at £250 per month?
If you answered yes to the above then I can certainly help you.

  • 1. In-depth professional keyword research
  • 2. Competition analysis
  • 3. Strategy planning
  • 4. Optimal account set up / structure
  • 5. Consistent bid price monitoring and adjustment
  • 6. Consistent split testing of adverts
  • 7. Monitoring performance on all levels, ie bids, click through rates, quality score, keywords triggered, conversion rates, etc

… the above is a never ending cycle to a) always be improving the performance of the account and b) to ensure the account is being managed and optimised to take account of the actions of your competitors accounts around you.
If you’re interested in taking your Google Adwords account to the next level, or maybe this will be your first time trying the power of pay per click